Viral thoughts for Monday

My workplace has decided to keep an indoor mask mandate in place until September despite the city council deciding to rescind the city-wide mask mandate.  So, I think I will not be going to my office this summer.  Do I oppose the mandate?  No, masks kept literally thousands of people in this city from getting sick all at the same time.  But a mask is not necessary for me or anyone else at this point. 

I’ve been fully vaccinated.  I can’t get the virus, I can’t give the virus; I am neutral.  Everyone I work with has either been vaccinated or has decided not to go that route.  If they are vaccinated, they can neither give nor get the virus. If they aren’t vaccinated, they had ample opportunity to do so and have intentionally decided to take their chances, most likely because of erroneous information concerning side effects…. or out of sheer stupidity. 

The decision by my workplace is intended to protect people from the spread of the disease, but we are either neutral and unable to spread it or we have declared that we are willing to take our chances. Either way, I’m offended that I would be forced to change my behavior when I have done the right thing, the danger is past, and the only ones at risk are choosing to be.  So, I won’t play because I have no desire to protect idiots against themselves.

Perhaps I sound petulant or boorish, but…….

Let’s be clear about this or ANY virus.  If it’s a NOVEL virus, and COVID-19 is novel and we knew it was novel from the start, there are only two ways to reach immunity: wait for a vaccine or get sick.  That’s it. For novel viruses, EVERYONE on the planet is susceptible, everyone will get it sooner or later.  Vaccines are the only way to avoid the disease.  If you don’t get vaccinated, you WILL get the disease.

I’m a very healthy person; I haven’t been sick in bed since 1988 when I caught something while teaching high school. I believe I would have no problems with COVID because I don’t think I have any underlying undiscovered health issues.  You are welcome to believe that as well and apparently a lot of people in the world do believe that.  You might be right, but what if you’re wrong? 

Here’s what happens.  The fastest and most effective way to learn of any undiscovered health issues is simple and cheap: get yourself a virus.  Preferably a NOVEL virus because you will have no way to stop its progress once you get infected. Such a virus will run a full scan of your system; it will look for and find your weak points.  For COVID-19, it will report back to you in about four days with a diagnostic analysis and present you with some choices that include: asymptomatic (you’re safe), stay at home (deal with it), go to the hospital (you’re in trouble), or contact all of your relatives and make end-of-life arrangements. 

However, regardless of the diagnosis, the virus will stay with you for at least 10-14 days.  Why not kill you immediately?  Because the virus buys time for you to visit with friends and family and to offer each of them a free diagnostic check-up too.  The 10-14 day window of infectiousness more or less guarantees that others will be able to take advantage of the free offer.

But wait a minute, what if I don’t get the virus.  Oh, but you will because there is no immunity to it.  But what if I have natural immunity?  Oh, really?  How does that work?  It requires a mutation such that the virus is unable to infect cells in your body.  Are you that person?  No, you are not.  You will get the virus.  And the younger you are, the better, and so getting it sooner is better than getting it later.  By the way, mutations are random and a random mutation that happens to impart immunity to a never-before-seen virus is pretty close to not possible.

So, you of the non-vaccinated (and probably not masked), you’re getting this virus.  You’ll receive one free viral diagnostic screen to detect any underlying physiological weaknesses.  And then you’ll go from there.  Whatever reason you have for not getting the vaccine now, although basically it’s just fear of the unknown, you will soon join the ranks of either the immune or the dead.  It sounds like the ultimate adventure, not unlike spinning the Roulette Wheel and putting every cent you own on black.

So, back to my original point.  I’m done wearing a mask for people who refuse to get vaccinated.  If you didn’t get jabbed yet, you probably aren’t going to, and I’m not going to spend the next several months in a meaningless exercise to somehow prevent you from getting infected.  Anyway, you are going to get COVID and you’re likely going to get it from one of the others in your social circle.  You eventually will be part of a little community of sick and dying vax-resisters, but please keep it to yourself.


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